For centuries, liberal education (Latin, libera, free) provided the traditional tools of learning that equipped students to act in a free, intelligent, and responsible manner.  This formation aimed to make them free from the interior confusion of scattered experiences and opinions, free to think logically and express themselves clearly, free from manipulation.

Until a hundred years ago, education was ordered toward the pursuit of two goals: wisdom and virtue.  Liberal learning was understood as essential to form leaders and citizens for a free and just society.  It inspired students to contemplate all that is true, good, and beautiful, and to apply those lessons to their lives.

Over the last century, however, schools have abandoned the tradition that shaped some of the finest minds in history.  Instead, they have begun to take as their model the modern factory and assembly line.  These methods of production have proven efficient for products, but deadening for people.  Products on an assembly line are not free.  They are confined to a process.  Modern education confines students and teachers to a process that presents unrelated information and overemphasizes grades and test scores.  Even more concerning, however, is the hostility to faith and reason that permeates the contemporary classroom.  Young people may lose heart in the spiritual confusion of our times when they are denied the chance to explore the meaning behind what they learn, and are prevented from developing the ability to discern what is true and what is false.

In contrast, Newman College Ireland can offer a truly unique education that will prepare not just your mind but your heart for the world, developing the habits of mind and character that allow success and satisfaction in a chosen career.

Our courses can awaken the servant leader within you and help you understand the world around you by providing you with both a rational and a critical mind.Newman College is committed to providing an academic education that is both excellent and faithfully Catholic.

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Catholic Liberal Education